What is Kunvay?

Nine months ago, we set out on a mission to find a better way to transfer and own creative work.

That journey led us to create Kunvay, the Paypal of copyright and intellectual property ownership (IP) transfer.

With our launch today at the International Startup Festival in Montreal, we make it easy to transact the sale of knowledge work and transfer copyright and intellectual property (IP) ownership online.

Kunvay is where creativity changes hands in an end-to-end transfer process as easy as a click.

As you know, the sale of knowledge work is considerably more difficult to transact than the sale of physical goods due to the legal complexities surrounding the transfer of IP.

Today, many buyers acquire knowledge work without receiving full ownership rights, unknowingly exposing themselves to significant legal and financial risks.

On the flip side, contracting to provide IP transfer can be onerous, often discouraging creators of knowledge work and freelancers from bidding on small projects. Freelancers loose the work, and clients lose the benefit of the freelancer’s creative expertise.

Enter Kunvay. We are the simple, safe and affordable way to transfer copyright and IP ownership online and own full and exclusive rights to the creative work and unique digital goods you receive from others.

Receive design work, photos and written content from freelancers, creatives, or anyone, and let Kunvay transfer and escrow full IP ownership rights from the creator to the buyer in the cloud.

We provide buyers with a simple, safe and affordable way to receive full ownership rights to the creative work, knowledge work and digital goods they receive from creatives and freelancers.

Kunvay provides clear documentation of copyright and IP ownership, and eliminates uncertainty so buyers can work confidently with creatives, freelancers or anyone worldwide.

We help creatives increase the value of their work by making copyright and IP transfer an explicit part of the value proposition and benefit they provide clients who work with them.

When creatives use Kunvay they build trust with clients, deter unauthorized use of their work and minimize the time between invoicing and payment by incentivizing payment with the added benefit of copyright and IP ownership transfer.

With our launch today, Kunvay dramatically reduces the complexity, transaction costs, and legal fees involved in transferring ownership of knowledge work.

We unbundle copyright and IP transfer so that it’s possible to start the creative process anywhere and finish with Kunvay where creativity changes hands with documented assurance.

We invite you to sign up, learn more about copyright and intellectual property rights here on our blog, and enjoy the benefits transferring and receiving ownership of knowledge work with Kunvay Assurance.